PhD Job Day


  • You are PhD student
  • Year 4th year and above
  • Master’s year 2first year
  • Current establishment (if doctoral student) Other
  • Current institution Master (you are a master) Other
  • If other establishment, specify Institute on Membrane Technology, CNR, Italy
  • Doctoral school Other
  • If other doctoral school, specify Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Laboratory Institute on Membrane Technology
  • Discipline Chemistry
  • Other discipline, if multidisciplinary thesis Physical Chemistry
  • Year of obtaining the doctorate 2023
  • Employed Oui, specify
  • Specify your job Completed
  • Master's title M.Sc in Textile Engineering
  • Discipline/domaine Textile Chemistry
  • Personal address 17c Unical, Via Pietro BUCCI, It makes
  • Code postal 430200
  • Ville WUhan

About me


  • 2015 - 2017
    Wuhan Textile University,

    M.Sc. In Textile Engineering (Discipline Textile Chemistry)

    Novel approach to rejoin the carbon fiber tow by fiber splicing equipment, and Preparation of layer-by-layer electrospun membrane-based wound dressing for skin injuries treatment. Causes behind Batch to Batch Shade Variation and their Remedies (Knit &Yarn Dyeing) and Research on process control parameters for different fabrics in Dyeing.

  • 2018 - 2023
    CAS-TWAS President’s Fellowship Programme, by Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, CAS (China), Institute on Membrane Technology, CNR (Italy).

    Doctor of Philosophy in Physical Chemistry

    Fabrication and improvement of the flat and nanofiber membrane performance for wastewater filtration, water purification, macromolecules separation, biomedical applications and heavy metal adsorption.

  • 2010 - 2013
    Southeast University

    B.Sc. In Textile Engineering


  • 2013 - 2013
    Knit Concern Group

    rainee Officer (Internship)

    To assist in product sample coordination, organization, and maintenance. To learn how to communicate with the buyer and production floor staff. To learn how to purchase garments accessories. To learn how to issue dyes and chemicals and check out it. To learn the fabric finishing process. To learn how to make a plan for making complete garments.

  • 2014 - 2015
    Masco printing & Embroidery ltd . Masco Group

    Production & Planning Executive

    To supervise and monitor the production floor. To plan, execute, and follow up the production activities and control the production quality. Overall supervision of the Dyeing and printing floor. At last, the production officer reports the production activities to the senior production officer. To check the water quality in the effluent treatment plant (ETP).


International Fabric and Chemical Sourcing, and Domestic Marketing Manager




Honors & awards

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