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À propos Yassine Messat

  • Vous êtes Docteur·e
  • Année 1ère année
  • Année de Master 1ère année
  • Etablissement actuel (si doctorant) Université de Lille
  • Etablissement actuel Master (si master) Université de Lille
  • établissement dans lequel j’ai obtenu le doctorat Autre
  • Si autre établissement, précisez Montpellier
  • Ecole doctorale Autre
  • Si autre Ecole doctorale, précisez CBS2
  • Laboratoire LBN UR-UM104
  • Discipline Biologie/santé
  • En emploi Oui, précisez
  • Précisez votre emploi Assistant de recherche
  • Adresse personnelle 537 Rue du pré aux clercs
  • Code postal 34090
  • Ville Montpellier
  • Pays France
  • Date de naissance (format JJ/MM/AAAA) 27/06/1995
  • Je comprends et accepte la politique de confidentialité Je comprends et accepte la politique de confidentialité

À propos de moi

PhD in neuroscience with engineering background in biotechnology, i’m passionate about innovation in healthcare, novel therapies and problem solving. I’m experienced in project management, scientific writing & communication.
I’m looking to expand my interest in biotech industry and overcome new challenges.



  • 2022 - Present
    LBN UR-UM104, University of Montpellier, France

    Research assistant

    • Actively contributed to lab management & provided support to the laboratory director
    • Developed and implemented KPIs and targets
    • Established timelines and project plans
    • Fostered scientific collaborations
    • Supervised the work of technical assistants and master’s students
    • Supported cross-functional research projects of different stakeholders
    • Conducted training sessions for researchers and students
    • Worked on projects involving in vitro angiogenesis, Raman and Brillouin spectroscopy, AFM-cells characterization)

  • 2019 - 2023
    LBN UR-UM104, University of Montpellier, France

    PhD researcher in Stem cells & Neuroscience

    • Set up OrgaEar project in collaboration with SANOFI & SATT AxLR
    • Specialized in sensorineural hearing loss and the neurosensory system
    • Proficient in cell therapy strategies
    • Extensive experience in human cell lines culture (including iPSCs, hBMSCs, hDPSCs, hPDLSCs, HUVECs, MCF10, MCF7)
    • Mastering Organoids culture, ex-vivo explants culture & in vitro models
    • Proficient in lab methods (Histo/immunochemistry, Cryosection, FACS, qPCR,
    Confocal microscopy & fluorescence imaging)
    • Experienced with data analysis using (ImageJ, IMARIS, GraphPad, NovoExpress, Zen suite, R, Excel…)
    • Strong programming basics in (Python, R) with basic knowledge in (JAVA, C, Matlab)
    • Presented at several international meetings (ISSCR, ARO ..)
    • Authored scientific reports
    • Published scientific research in international journals
    • Organized the CBS2 days Congress & CBS2 orientation Forum


Medical & scientific writing
Scientific communication
In vitro model
Stem cells
Cell therapy
Data analysis
People & project management



Honors & awards


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