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PhD Position in Information Theory in Cybersecurity “Security in ISAC and Distributed Decisions”

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The Thesis Topic:

In the context of the internet of things (IoT), smart cities and homes, and autonomous vehicles, distributed detection of obstacles or hazardous events is system-critical for many systems. The  propositions for future 6G or WiFi standards even suggest to make such distributed detection (or sensing) capabilities available at all times to all terminals  in  the system, as part of a standard  of integrated sensing and communication (ISAC). In ISAC the same bandwidth and hardware is used both for sensing and communication.

The theoretical study of ISAC and other distributed detection systems has attracted great interest in recent years. Much less is known about the performance of such systems under security constraints. Given the high sensibility and system-critical importance of modern communication systems, such constraints however are of utmost importance, so as to prevent industrial sabotage as well as to accommodate

military use cases. In fact, for certain alert systems, such as infrastructure monitoring systems the communicated data has to be kept secret (e.g., images or measurements of the interior of a manufacturing site) and sometimes even the mere presence of the communication system should be kept private from all uninformed terminals. The goal of this PhD thesis is to design ISAC and distributed detection systemsthat satisfy given security constraints and to analyze their theoretical performances. These results willfacilitate the practical design of improved modern ISAC and distributed detection systems which are critically required for future 6G and Industry 5.0 standards.

Supervisors: Mireille Sarkiss, Telecom SudParis, IP Paris, and  Michèle Wigger, Telecom Paris, IP Paris,

Working Environment: The PhD student will be enrolled at the doctoral school of IP Paris, and be working in Palaiseau, (19, place Marguerite Perey) in the building shared by Telecom Paris and Telecom SudParis. Regular one-to-two weekly meetings will be held with both supervisors. Participation in  biweekly  research group meetings is excepted, as well as participation in international workshops and schools.

Funding: The PhD will be funded by the ANR project CLECI.

Research Domains: The PhD topic lies in the fields of information theory, statistics, communications, and cybersecurity.

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